Due to unforeseen circumstances, and in exercise of powers conferred under Section 20 of Arunachal University of Studies Act, 2012 (No.9 of 2012) and in supersession of Notification No.07222015-01 dated July 22, 2015, the composition of Second Board of Governors of the University has been changed w.e.f.  January 18, 2017 to July 24, 2018 as follows:-

S.No. Name of Member Designation Appointment u/s
1. Shri Kamal Lochan Chairman 20(1) (a) of Act
2. Prof. Krishan Gopal Member 20(1) (f) of Act
3. Shri Vishva  Lochan Member 20(1) (c) of Act
4. Prof. V.K. Kawatra Member 20(1) (b) of Act
5. Dr. Joram Begi Member 20(1) (d) of Act
6. Dr. Tayek Talom Member 20(1) (e)  of Act
7. Shri. A.N. Sharma Member 20(1) (c)  of Act
8. Shri. Y.V. Agnihotri Member 20(1) (c) of Act
9. Shri. Divyanshu Goel Secretary 20(4) of Act