Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the principal apex governing body of the university, constituted u/s 20 of the Arunachal University of Studies Act, 2012 (Act No. 9 of 2012).   
The present composition of Board of Governors, since 15th March, 2018, till further notification, is as follows :

S.No. Name of Member Status Constitution Appointed u/s
1 Shri Kamal Lochan Chancellor Chairman 20(1) (a)
2 Prof. Krishan Gopal Educationist {Pro-Chancellor-Academic}  
Member 20(1) (f)
3 Shri Vishva  Lochan Nominated {Pro-Chancellor-Administration}
Member 20(1) (c)
4 Prof. V.K. Kawatra Vice-Chancellor Member 20(1) (b)
5 Shri Ashish Kundra, IAS State Govt Representative
{Development Commissioner (Finance), Govt. of AP}
Member 20(1) (d)
6 Dr. Tayek Talom State Govt Representative, Eminent Educationalist , {Director (DHTE), Govt. of AP} Member 20(1) (e)
7 Shri. A.N. Sharma Nominated {Ex-Dy. Sec, UGC, New Delhi}
Member 20(1) (c)
8 Shri. Y.V. Agnihotri Nominated {Director, SDVS}
Member 20(1) (c)
9 Shri. Divyanshu Goel Registrar Secretary 20(1) (4)


The State Govt. Representatives are being Nominated by Govt of Arunachal Pradesh vide No.ED/HE-69/2012 Vol-I/6693-98 dated Itanagar the 7th February, 2018 with the formal approval of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Arunachal Pradesh vide U.O. No. 542 dated 05.02.2018,

The composition of the constitution of Board of Governors shall be updated, with immediate effect to any change therein.