Arunachal University of Studies Act (09 of 2012) empowers the University to award Charter Certificates. Charter Certification is defined as Private Certification in which the capabilities of the candidates are being evaluated based on assessment done by the University.

This Certification comes under the category of Recognition of Prior Learning and Competencies.

  1. The AUS is empowered to award Charter Certification.
  2. The Process is in accordance with National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF), Govt. of India.
  3. The Charter Certification may be equated with the corresponding level of regular programs.
  4. The Charters are external education programs.
  5. The objective of Charters is to analyze / enhance the employable skill of aspirants and converting that skill into educational achievements by virtue of providing training and evaluating them through adequate assessment.
  6. The Trainees can earn the credits mentioned under any charter at the pace, convenience and as per their own capability.
  7. However, no trainee will be allowed to earn the entire three Sections of Charter in more than 20 consecutive assessments.
  8. The candidates may exit the Charter programme with partial credits awarded under Section A or Section B of the specified Charter, provided they satisfy the requirements of credits to be earned for the award of the respective Charter.
  9. The UILC will empanel Training Associates for the internship and trainings of enrolled trainees.
  10. The trainees are required to submit one time prescribed Registration Fee in favor of UILC-AUS payable at NAMSAI.
  11. Every trainee will choose number of training modules to be appeared, and accordingly apply for assessment in the prescribed form with fee per training module.

The UILC will provide the training material to the Trainees after the receipt of duly filled Evaluation Form by ETA for a training module.