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Admission Helpline : +91-8731944477, 8131848860.


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Agriculture in India is the primary and the most crucial sector of economy comprising of over 18% of total GDP i.e. Gross Domestic Product. Not just this, Agriculture is the only sector in the country that requires over 50% of Indian workforce. Being one of the largest cultivators of spice, pulses, rice, and wheat products the overall sector of Agriculture, structures the leading source of income. Nearly half of the population of the country depends on Agriculture directly or indirectly depending on the needs, and the requirement of food.

Agriculture and Horticulture with its allied sectors is the largest livelihood provider in India and more so in Arunachal Pradesh. In terms of sustainable agriculture of food security, rural employment, and environmentally sustainable technology, such as soil conservation, sustainable national resources management and biodiversity protection are essential for holistic rural development. Indian Agriculture & Horticulture allied sectors have seen green revolution, yellow revolution and blue revolution.

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most deserving state to promote the Agriculture & Horticulture allied sectors related activities. The significant size of the state makes it the biggest state of North East India. With the thin population density of the state, contributes to the availability of land to almost every family making it an ideal place for promotion of activities related to Agriculture & Horticulture.

Knowing all the future prospects of the Agricultural industry, Arunachal University of Studies, offer students a wide array of courses to pursue their career in the field of Agriculture. AUS provides a multidisciplinary field to explore, inclusive of different subjects. In a country like India, having a degree in Agriculture is one of the must requirement as the entire economy depends on it. At AUS, the faculty of Agricultural Science, invites you to unravel the mysteries of nature in details. Merge the theory with real life applications as you undertake real life projects at the AUS farms.

Agricultural studies in India is one of the emerging and trendy courses that offers multiple subjects related to different fields of agriculture. Students who choose to pursue agricultural studies get recruited themselves in both agribusiness and agricultural research based on their personal preference. The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (FAS) has designed the courses in such a way that enables students to work in various sector of agriculture right from technical aspects to business, and sales. Our main objective of the department is to educate and open recruitment options for the budding agricultural experts who are all set to be the leaders.

  • Arunachal University of Studies offer various courses perfectly blended for all aspects of agriculture, entrepreneurship, sales, production, business, and academics.
  • The state of an art curriculum presents each students, the industrial perspective of knowledge and has been formulated keeping the diverse requirements from the agriculture sector such as logistics, marketing and distribution, operations, agro-food businesses, etc.
  • The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences provides hands on-experience in agricultural studies by multi-level agricultural practices both in theory and practical.
  • AUS has a very strong network of international university tie-ups for better collaborations and student exchange problems.
  • Workshops, national level seminars, conferences, and others development exercises are a part of AUS's curriculum. This initiatives ensure that each students develops all the communication skills and team management skills required before moving onto pursuing a job.
  • AUS under the grace of NEEM (National Employability Enhancement Mission Regulations) has been conducting On-Job-Training for enhancing the employability of a student either pursing Post Graduation/Graduation/Diploma in any stream of study.
  • Arunachal University of Studies is been regulated by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi for conducting various Agriculture Education Programme.

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The course with agriculture purely and its allied areas offers wide range of employment option. Here are the common sectors for recruitment

  • Food production firms
  • Government Agricultural Boards
  • Private Fertilizer manufacturing firms
  • Government fertilizer manufacturing firms
  • Agriculture machinery manufacturing firms
  • Plantations
  • Banks

Diploma in Agriculture course passed graduates will have access to both private and government sector jobs. This qualification is enough to score a secured entry level jobs in both these sectors, as well as pursue higher education at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate levels respectively.

B.Sc. or M.Sc. Programme both lead to several entry-level career opportunities in the fields of scientific research and agribusiness. Some common examples of positions in the field include:

  • Farm or Ranch Manager
  • Food Scientist
  • Food Marketing Expert
  • Agricultural Analyst
  • Community Planning Consultant
  • Conservationist
  • Agricultural Technology Trainer
  • Field Representative
  • Agribusiness Sales Manager
  • Agriculture Journalist
The benefits of a degree in Agricultural Science provides fundamental education opportunities across higher degrees of agricultural sciences & field practices qualifications respectively. It also provides significant opportunities within the State department of Agriculture, including Assistant Technical Manager (ATM), Agriculture Field Officer (AFO) and Horticulture Officer (HO). Other organizations accepting of B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences include National Seed Corporation (NSC), Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC), Indian Farmers and Fertilizers Cooperatives (IFFCO), Organized Public Sector Schedule Bank (PSSB), Private Companies, Agriculture Education Institutions, UPSC-IFC SERVICES and SSC services.