Admission Helpline : +91-8731944477, 8131848860, 9311688991, 9540742220.
Admission Helpline : +91-8731944477, 8131848860.
Arunachal University of Studies is committed to imparting education of the highest quality. AUS believes in providing exposures to students for their overall understanding of the field of commerce. In the fast paradigm of the country and the world at large, the global outlooks of the business leaders have witnessed a shift in the working module. To keep up to the global standards, all the courses offered under this department is structured by adopting innovative academic pedagogy and development professionals with a dedicated vision to initiate change in society.
Arunachal University of Studies offers Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM), Master of Commerce (M.COM), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme under the commerce faculty. The courses were introduced to equip every student with professional skills to work in the industry and open the possibility of employability in banking, insurance, educational and other sectors.
Ever since the onset of Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization, the current global scenario has been profoundly dominated by commerce and business management. In a country like India, where liberalization, privatization, and globalization took place just three decades back, it is come as a great responsibility to strengthen the academic curriculum of the commerce faculty. Commerce in today's world is not just about sales, goods, and services. It is all about improving the industries revenue and image for the better expansion and modernization all services and trade. Commerce also promotes the overall development of the undeveloped countries. The field helps in the global exchange of skilled labours, technicians, professionals and experts to seed a future of industrialization, Information Technology, and others. This in return ensures a much faster economic growth of the country. Arunachal University of Studies wishes to highlight the importance and the growing role of commerce as a field in the country and observe many opportunities to bring forth an effective teaching methodology and learning resources.
The Faculty of Commerce has a very refined infrastructure facility, catering to the needs of every student. The AUS Library has countless books on various facets of commerce streams ranging from business, management, and commerce. The department is also equipped with an excellent computer lab with LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity to complement the classroom pedagogy in providing all the assistance in seeking knowledge.
AUS looks forward to providing all resources for students to gain the maximum of the given situation. All the curriculum was designed by introducing the latest requirements of the industry. Different seminars, national webinars, workshops and forums are organized periodically to achieve an upgraded knowledge. With the regular indulgence of the students in all on-campus activities, the university can comprehensively focus on incorporating more and more course work that focuses on the practical exposure of the students.

  • Did you know that Greek God, Poseidon is considered the father of commerce? Being the God of the Sea, Poseidon let trade and commerce happen significantly throughout the world.
  • Specialization in the field of commerce will always yield students chances of greater success. Being in an expert in one domain can add many prospective points into the CV.
  • A degree in commerce offers a better salary package than most of the equivalent degrees. It is an investment but the results are always higher than investments.
  • The scope of commerce is to boom drastically in the near future as the rise of popularity amongst the Indian subcontinent increases.
  • Students who wish to study commerce and managements are innovative, creative enough to be entrepreneurs naturally.
Dean's Message
  • There are many career options for a commerce graduate. After the completion of either a bachelor's or a master's degree, students can aspire to see their future in financial services, taxation department, stockbroking, merchant banking, project expertise, capital budgeting, etc.
  • For students who wish to take commerce as an academic profession can further their decision to M.Phil. accordingly. Students can go ahead and take specialized courses such as CA, ICWA, and others to model a niche during the time of recruitment.
  • Students interesting in banking especially in the department of cash and accounts handling can seek a wider scope. However, with a tougher market and less penetration, students might have to opt for a competitive examination to prove the job profile.
  • There are also great scopes for management in the area of Export-Import, tourism, hospitality and production management. Graduates can also be a part of derivatives markets.
  • For PG students who wish to sincere dedicate their career in academics can move ahead in qualifying National Eligibility Test and State Eligibility Test and enroll in PhD. Clearly all eligibility examinations give assurance for the students to teach in universities and colleges all around the country.