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Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India - Approval

Navsrijan, “education above all initiative”, is a social educational scheme of the 'Directorate of Continuing Education'. The concept was devised by Late Prof. G.N. Pandey, Founder Vice-Chancellor of the University. “Navsrijan” is a Sanskrit word that means “novelty”. It is a unique initiative for providing the opportunity to the school dropout students to re-enter into the mainstream of education in accordance with the National Skill Qualification Framework of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.

In the last two decades, there has been an exponential development in education focusing on Expansion, Equity, and Excellence. It has also been established across the world that education is the key infrastructure for the development of any Nation.  Accordingly, Arunachal Pradesh is also making all-out efforts to join the global environment for all-round development with education as one of the leading input.

In the last two and half decades, the state of Arunachal Pradesh has done remarkable progress in the field of primary and secondary education by taking education to every major district of the State for the benefit of local students. But still, a lot is to be done in terms of meeting the national average and even going beyond that.

Contributing to the development of educational facilities and skill development, the World Education Mission took an initiative to set up a University in the State. The University, named as ‘Arunachal University of Studies’ was established in July 2012, enacted by the Arunachal Pradesh State Legislative Assembly vide ‘The Arunachal University of Studies Act, 2012 (Act No. 9 of 2012)”.   The University is making determined efforts to ensure education across the State, and also making sincere efforts to provide education to the youth/students belonging to all sections with an emphasis on lower socio-economic sections of the society. Practically, because of excellence, a good number of students from all the districts of Arunachal Pradesh are pursuing studies from the University.

An essential requirement to enhance educational quality is to have integration of primary, secondary and higher education. Another factor is education for all. Keeping these in mind, the University has introduced “Navsrijan Scheme” with focus on secondary and tertiary education across the State. The University is making all efforts to reach unprivileged population living in remote areas of the State, where connectivity is very limited. The idea is to bring equity amongst the society. The University is keen to move for global excellence so that all three essential components of the national goal, i.e., Expansion, Equity, and Excellence, are fully addressed to.

Efforts are made towards the student-teacher interaction to enhance skill and competency, creativity and innovativeness, and broadening knowledge amongst the students. The aim is to make them intellectually fit to serve society. It also includes building-up cultural sensitivity amongst the students by way of nourishing etiquettes and developing the interest to gain knowledge for self-independent.

It will be ensured that the “Navsrijan Scheme” gets wider publicity and will address all the challenges, in terms of falling standards of education and increased dropout rates being faced in the entire State of Arunachal Pradesh. There shall be adequate learning resources, qualified and competent faculty members, and well-equipped laboratories, especially for Science subjects.

Arunachal Pradesh is a land of diversities. The State faces severe challenges in terms of its topography, roads connectivity, electricity supply, internet connectivity, etc. Traveling within the State is not very easy. The population density of the State is very low, which is approximately 17 people per km2. As per 2011 census, the population of the State is 13.84 lakhs with a sex ratio of 938 females on 1000 males. The overall literacy rate of the State is 65.38, where male : female literacy rate is 72.55% : 52.53%, which is far below the national average

Historically, the situation of school education in the State is far below the national average. For example, only 21.22% of students of Secondary Education and 44.33% of Sr. Secondary were able to qualify the Board Examination held in the year 2018. Even the Kra-Dadi District of the State had an overall pass percentage of 3.57%.

Further, a big challenge is the students’ dropout, which is up to 70% at Secondary and Senior Secondary level. It needs to be addressed on utmost priority.

The University is empowered to award Pre-University Certificates in accordance with the LAW/LEGN-11/2012 (Act No. 9 of 2012), duly legislative by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Association of Indian Universities, vide its letter No. SIS/Misc. Enq./2018/331997, dated March 9, 2018, has recognized these certificates for the purpose of further studies.

The Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India, has confirmed the enrollment of Nai Manzil Scheme under the Navsrijan 'Directorate of Continuing Education' of Arunachal University of Studies.

Objectives of Navsrijan Scheme

  1. To facilitate dropout students to continue their education, by way of providing education for Secondary and Senior Secondary Certificates.
  2. To improve teaching facilities and increase the number of registrations in Commerce and Science streams.
  3. To improve the level of education and passing percentage of students.
  4. To conduct active students/teachers interaction on regular basis.
  5. To ensure that the successful students continue their higher education into the University or other institution of higher learning.