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The hospitality industry is the largest service sector in the whole world. It is also the largest recruiter/generator of employment that catapults various sectors of a country's economy. Being of the fastest booming sector catering the needs to every individual - Arunachal University of Studies under the Faculty of Hospitality Management looks forwards to setting educations and experiences that can drive a student for both personal and professional growth.

The Future of Hospitality Industry in Northeast India

As mentioned earlier, the global tourism market in on the rise due to popular demands. This context also applies to Northeast India that has a very promising sector to offer the country. Thanks to the physical, geographical, cultural, and linguistic diversity, the Northeastern states has declared itself the pioneering sector to boost the economy through hospitality. There are tons and tons of potential environment for both outdoor and indoor recreation that has already set the humble inception of modern age tourism in the States. This is the significant reason why the future of the hospitality sector in Northeast India is booming industry.


The main objective of the programme is to provide highly skilled hospitality professionals who are well equipped with both the technical and academic resources by our state-of-an-art pedagogy. AUS is keen on establishing the department as a pioneer and the country's finest hospitality education. The Faculty of Hospitality Management is a premium department under the umbrella of Arunachal University of Studies primarily focused on orchestrating deeper insights on educations to a highly demanding generation. The student here accomplishes greater engagement of scholars and faculty members in an excellent holistic academic environment. Each curriculum is designed focusing on topical research and industry requirements. Thus making the academic pedagogy a practical and dynamic methodology for the overall student development.
Arunachal University of Studies disseminates the latest knowledge and training skills through academics and lectures to its students while still periodically indulging professional training and research. The hospitality department takes advantage of the university's desire to back Northeast's hospitality sector, thus providing many opportunities for students to gain employment once the course is completed. The vision of the department is to purely nourish young students with integrity and knowledge and deliver the necessary attitude in the hospitality industry. This alone can be achieved by offering practical and industry-focused curriculum and promote an innovative and creative style of teaching.

  • There are over 1,05,000 hotel requirements in the country to provide the best quality services for international tourists.
  • India has 11% of the demands for long holiday stay hotels than any others.
  • The impact of the hospitality sector by 2029 is expected to increase by 6.7%, reaching 35 trillion INR and contributing to over 9.2% of the total economy.
  • Over 30.5 million international tourists are estimated to arrive in India by 2028.
  • In India the hospitality sector alone contributes to about 48 million jobs, directly and indirectly, making the total employment rate of 8.27 accounting 5.83 per cent of the total GDP.

Getting a degree from the Faculty of Hospitality Management gives every student the much-needed skills to be prepared to be a skills hub professional in the field of hospitality. There are a lot of career paths once a student gets graduates.

Understanding that hospitality careers need sincere responsibility and attitude, one could start a career as a hotel manager. Nevertheless, as the time spent in the industry professional advancement in the hospitality businesses keeps filling up the resume.

The hospitality industry offers lucrative pay for its entire hardworking employee and the salary can start from Rs 4.5L per annum to 6.5L per annum depending on the organizations. The areas where students can find themselves employed are as follows

  • Lodging management
  • Casino management
  • Food & Beverage management
  • Club Management
  • Executive Chef
  • Restaurant/Cafe management
  • Bar management
  • Restaurant director
  • Catering supervisors
  • Front officer clerk
  • Canteen salesman