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The Faculty of Library and Information Science is one of those professional studies under AUS that offers thorough academic knowledge on information carriers that are made, discovered, selected, disseminated, preserved, structured, and managed. The fundamental area of studies revolves around the library sciences and information sciences. The Faculty primarily is intended to offer undergraduate and master's degree programmes. With 100% practical and theoretical consideration concerning pedagogy, Arunachal University of Studies encourages every student with a passion for books and information science to take this course.

Here at Arunachal University of Studies, every student is taught about the values of librarianship. This is because values are an essential element of success and it often highlights important in becoming a professional. To inherent professional values, the diverse group of faculty members at AUS teaches values with the importance of service, wisdom, neutrality and democratic values. This is important as librarians are social workers that satisfy the thirst of the society by providing the rightful resources. It is also taught how not to endure a mission for bureaucratic and anti-intellectual ideas and always walk on the path of good because every librarian is committed to literacy and learning.

Key skills required to be librarian:

  1. A librarian must have a strong base on IT skills and must be familiar with the use of internet
  2. A librarian must have problem solving abilities and know how to work in a team
  3. A librarian must have strong management skills and assist user's needs
  4. A librarian must have subject knowledge and must be an expert in resource offering and ordering

  • Despite the rise of technology and the internet making information available readily, there are over 1.40 billion in person visits in public libraries annually.
  • The Library of Congress is the world's largest library in terms of knowledge depth i.e. over 168 million items.
  • Almost 98% of public libraries provide free internet for users to access information
  • Libraries around the world help in organizing career counselling to many students using the space for studying.
  • The State Central Library of Kerala is the first public library in the country and also goes by the name Trivandrum Public Library.
  • The oldest recorded library is the Library of Ashurbanipal and is located in modern day Iraq. Dating back to 7th century B.C this library included a 30,000 trove of cuneiform tablets that were archived systematically based on subjects.

Library & Information Science

Here are some of the popular employment profiles for students after graduating from the Faculty

  1. Cataloguer
  2. Library Director
  3. Information preserver
  4. Information Architect
  5. Library Assistant
  6. Indexer
  7. Electronic Resource Librarian
  8. Knowledge Management Specialist
  9. Information Architect/Officer
  10. Rare Books Curator
  11. Semantic Modeler
  12. Subject Specialist Librarian
  13. University Branch Manager

More career paths can be found on the course page of both UG and PG programmes.