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General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM)

Course Fee
Exam Fee
3 Years
Rs. 1,04,000-/ (Per Year)
Rs. 5,000-/ (Per Year)
Level 4 To Level 5

General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) is a diploma-level nursing course that prepares individuals to become qualified and skilled nurses who can provide care to patients across various healthcare settings. GNM programs focus on developing a strong foundation in nursing practice, patient care, and midwifery skills. Here's an overview of the GNM program:
The GNM curriculum covers a wide range of subjects related to nursing and midwifery, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, maternal and child health nursing, community health nursing, mental health nursing, nutrition, and more. The program also includes practical training, clinical rotations, and hands-on experience in hospital and community settings.

Key Areas of Study:
Fundamentals of Nursing: Basic nursing concepts and skills, infection control, hygiene, vital signs monitoring, wound care, etc.

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Care of patients with medical and surgical conditions, pre-operative and post-operative care, pain management, and medication administration.
Maternal and Child Health Nursing: Care of pregnant women, newborns, and children, including prenatal care, labor and delivery assistance, postpartum care, and pediatric nursing.
Community Health Nursing: Providing nursing care within communities, preventive health measures, immunization programs, family planning, and health education.
Mental Health Nursing: Understanding and caring for individuals with mental health issues, psychosocial interventions, and therapeutic communication.
Midwifery: Basic skills and knowledge required for assisting in childbirth, providing antenatal and postnatal care, and managing maternal and neonatal complications.

Arunachal University of Studies wishes to strengthen the quality of midwifery education for the national wise health coverage. To do this a highly updated nursing framework of the highest quality has been developed in service of the GNM education. Midwifery enthusiasts are educated keeping up to the international standards ensuring to improve the overall health of the patient in the continuum from the community to the hospital. Every GNM student is uniquely thought to provide essential services to the child and the mother in most humanitarian settings.

Arunachal University of Studies expanded its programme in Medical Nursing to service the state of Arunachal Pradesh and the nation by providing the best of the best medical and nursing professionals. GNM Nursing in addition to the basic nursing education in Arunachal Pradesh has become the finest educator and the training faculty for midwifery. The service of AUS in the field of healthcare is directly associated with the objective of teaching faculty that is heavily influenced by the academic decision and practices in the healthcare of the country.

Arunachal University of Studies wishes to empower women of the Northeast in midwifery to have the rightful place in healthcare because we strictly believe that pregnant women and newborns are among the most vulnerable in humanitarian and fragile settings. Studying GNM at AUS enables a student with a unique opportunity to empower students to ensure babies and mothers are in the best of their health everywhere. Midwives passing out AUS holds the full potential interventions in a well-functioning health system when required for emergencies.

GNM Nursing College in Assam

Sr. Secondary (any stream with English)/ 10+2 (any stream with English) with min. 45% marks or eq. and attained 17 years of age on December 31st of the year of admission and is medically fit.

Financial Assistance :-

Candidates may apply for Fee reimbursement under various Central or State Govt. schemes subject to eligibility conditions and compliance of prescribed terms and conditions of the relevant granting agency.

Career Path :-

After completing a General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) program and obtaining the necessary licensure or registration, you'll have a wide range of career opportunities in the healthcare industry. Here are some potential career paths you can pursue:

Staff Nurse: This is one of the most common career paths for GNM graduates. Staff nurses work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings, providing direct patient care, administering medications, monitoring patients' conditions, and assisting doctors in medical procedures.

Maternity Nurse/Midwife: As a maternity nurse or midwife, you can specialize in providing care to pregnant women during childbirth, assisting in deliveries, offering postpartum care to mothers and newborns, and promoting healthy pregnancies.

Pediatric Nurse: Pediatric nurses specialize in caring for infants, children, and adolescents. They work in pediatric units, children's hospitals, and clinics, providing medical care, vaccinations, and emotional support to young patients and their families.

Community Health Nurse: Community health nurses work in local communities, conducting health assessments, delivering health education programs, promoting preventive healthcare practices, and addressing public health concerns.

Home Health Nurse: Home health nurses provide medical care and support to patients who receive treatment at home. This can include elderly individuals, patients recovering from surgeries, or those with chronic illnesses.

ICU Nurse: Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses work in critical care settings, providing specialized care to patients who are severely ill or recovering from complex surgeries. They monitor vital signs, administer medications, and work closely with medical teams.

Psychiatric Nurse: Psychiatric or mental health nurses support individuals with mental health conditions, offering counseling, administering medications, and providing therapeutic interventions in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Operating Room Nurse: Operating room nurses assist surgeons during surgeries, ensuring that the surgical environment is sterile, patients are properly prepared, and equipment is well-maintained.

Emergency Room Nurse: Emergency room nurses work in fast-paced and high-stress environments, providing urgent medical care to patients with critical injuries or illnesses.

Nursing Educator: With further education and experience, you can become a nursing educator, teaching and training future nurses in educational institutions.

Nurse Administrator: Nurse administrators manage healthcare facilities or specific units within hospitals. They handle administrative tasks, ensure efficient operations, and coordinate nursing staff.

Research Nurse: Research nurses work in clinical research settings, assisting with the implementation of clinical trials, collecting data, and ensuring that research protocols are followed.

Telehealth Nurse: In the evolving field of telehealth, nurses provide medical advice, support, and education to patients through virtual platforms.

Travel Nurse: Travel nurses work on short-term assignments in different healthcare facilities or locations, gaining diverse experience while exploring new places.

Entrepreneurship: Some GNM graduates choose to start their own nursing-related businesses, such as offering home healthcare services or healthcare consulting.

Remember that the specific career opportunities available to you may vary based on factors such as your location, additional certifications or education, and your own interests and goals. Continuing education, pursuing advanced degrees, and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in healthcare can further enhance your career prospects in the field of nursing and midwifery.

Well apart from being ranked amongst the Best GNM Nursing College or University not only in Arunachal Pradesh, but also in other Northeast states of India like Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Sikkim, Manipur, Nagaland, and Mizoram; it provides you world-class knowledge.

GNM Nursing College in Assam