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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Course Fee
Exam Fee
4 Semester (2 Year)
Rs. 1,25,000-/ (Per Year)
Rs. 4,000-/ (Per Year)

The Programme is duly approved by National Council for Teacher’s Education.

* The title of the programme is approved u/s 22 of University Grants Commission (UGC) Act 1956

Teaching is a comprehensive term that starts from home and ends at institutes other than home. Several views are given for its process and whether the process requires some standards or may work as the flow of the society. After a deep research, it’s found that the process must follow some well-proven methods and techniques that ultimately are visible in bachelor’s degrees like B.Ed. Bachelor of education course is done after graduation known as a professional degree which makes ready students for work as a teacher in schools. In one of the surveys conducted at NCERT in its annual result session to search out what is the importance of degrees in education programs, it’s found that the teachers who are appointed after Bachelor of Education degree programmes are proved better teachers than the no trained teachers.

The teachers’ training department offers a full-year program for the aspiring candidates in the teaching-learning process only after graduation in any stream. By understanding to prepare the candidate for secondary school levels, we developed the program for aspiring teachers with an emphasis on the principal’s methodology of teaching, subsequently named as Bachelor of education. Same as a diploma in education, this degree program also educates the candidate with theoretical material along with practical teaching methods. After spending 10 months in theory class (micro teachings), the program provides practical teaching in schools (public and private), so that the would-be teacher may meet all the practicalities of the teaching process.

A typical course includes subjects educational Psychology, educational Philosophy, Guidance and counselling, education culture and human values, and two teaching subjects.


Candidates with at least 50% marks either in Bachelor’s Degree and/or in Master’s Degree in Science/ Social Science/ Humanities OR Bachelor’s in Engineering or Technology with specialization in Science and Mathematics with 55% marks or any other qualification equivalent thereto, are eligible for admission into the programme. 5% relaxation for APST/ST/SC/OBC/PW Candidates.

Financial Assistance :-

Candidates may apply for Fee reimbursement under various Central or State Govt. schemes subject to eligibility conditions and compliance of prescribed terms and conditions of the relevant granting agency.

Career Path :-

Bachelor in education develops you to be the desired teachers in schools and other educational institutions. The course not only makes you a trainer but also in many ways as follows:

  1. With the help of comprehensive syllabus and books, the learner is tamed to develop reading habits that may build up you a good book reader and do research projects easily
  2. The standard career after B.Ed is to approach you as a school teacher for secondary or senior secondary level schools. You are also eligible for headmaster/headmistress for the middle- level schools.
  3. Further, if you enhance your studies after B.Ed and go for M.Ed, you may apply for the principalship for a secondary or senior secondary school either in government or private sector. Also, the candidate is eligible for Vice-principal or coordinators in educational institutions
  4. The course will enable you to face the listeners no matters how much in number and it develops you the public speaking.
  5. You may approach in counseling as the course develops you to be a good listener and to solve the learning-related problems. The modern world is full of options and choices, and many times students get confused about what to opt for. The trained teacher may also work as a career counselor and provide ample knowledge about all the streams to the students to choose the righteous path.
  6. You may also approach to higher studies after B.Ed and go for Research in education. The models developed in studies are almost researched and maintained by bachelors and masters in education students. You can also be selected as a research counselor in universities.
  7. Usually, we don’t have the human resources in schools like in companies, but still, the human power is managed in educational institutions. Naturally, this department is handled by the senior teachers who are graduates and masters in education. So the course allowed you to become educational administrators.
  8. One of the mandatory conditions to get a government job is to get a degree or diploma in education. Our one year Bachelor’s degree program in education makes you eligible for government vacancy. That also fetch you a handsome salary with ample of holiday opportunities.
  9. The degree also assists you in being a perfect content writer. Maximum time spent in books increases your vocabulary skills and understanding of the topics related.

Well, bachelor of education is known as the basic and crucial requirement for anyone who is aspiring in the teaching profession. The various opportunities it provides are the attraction to go for this degree. We suggest you join our institute to experience the best teaching-learning process. Our infrastructure, faculty, and methodologies will make you the best and trained teachers for the teaching-learning process.