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Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music)

  • Duration

    8 Semesters (4 Years)

  • Course Fee


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  • NSQF

    5 To 7+

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*The title of the programme is approved u/s 22 of University Grants Commission (UGC) Act 1956.

Music and Fine Arts is the soul of Arunachal Pradesh. The traditional culture of the State is very rich in this area. The curriculum is designed in a manner to open avenues and to assimilate knowledge about the latest trends in various disciplines taught. Our main aim remains to train professionals with a sense of fulfillment and a feeling for contribution to the betterment of society and their own selves.The teaching faculty consists of professionals of National and International repute both in Faculty of Music and Fine Arts. In addition to teaching faculty, there are trained personnel to handle the allied workshops, such as that of graphics, photography, and computers etc.

Bachelor of Performing Arts or BPA is a 3-year college class that is offered in numerous schools and colleges in India. A few colleges additionally run it for a long time. The course covers different parts of music, dance, and other fine arts. The essential qualification paradigm for entrance into this course is the understudy ought to have cleared 10+2 from a perceived board. Having a talent for performing arts is useful for the understudy. A few organizations likewise direct passageway tests for giving bachelor of performing arts.

What is a Bachelor in Music? This dynamic degree is an ideal method to dispatch a profoundly rooted profession in music. As an undergrad program, it offers you three to four years of serious preparation in your general vicinity of musical intrigue. You can represent considerable authority in playing an instrument, directing, singing, or expounding on music. Numerous useful music pundits and writers got their beginning with a Bachelor in Music. This degree program ordinarily remembers a point by point theory for a subject relevant to you or an expert level presentation as the last phase of your preparation in music.

A degree in music can offer you numerous advantages. Graduates with a bachelor's qualification reliably get more significant compensations and preferable employment propositions over non-graduates. The underlying reasoning abilities and music hypothesis aptitudes you learn will take care of many occasions over throughout a musical profession.

A Bachelor in Music doesn't need to be restrictively costly. Numerous degree programs offer money related guides or low maintenance educational costs while you work. The base qualification for seeking after the level of Bachelor of Performing Arts is that the understudy ought to have passed their 10+2. The understudy ought to have acquired 50%. Additionally, the school must be subsidiary to a perceived board.


10+2 (Any Stream) or eq.

When you've completed your Bachelor in Music degree, you can seek after a wide assortment of music-related vocations. Following are the career options in this field:

  • A few alumni will try out for national music institutes or make their introduction as drama artists. Different alumni decide to proceed to show music at the grade school, secondary school, or school level. A Bachelor in Music likewise gives you the abilities you have to expound on traditional or mainstream music as a writer or writer. This adaptable forte gives you an expansive scope of professional decisions.
  • A Bachelor in Music can be the way into a satisfying musical vocation.
  • The individuals who seek after BPA have a ton of openings for work. Understudies find a workable pace work profiles like Music Therapist, Theater Director, Broadcast Presenter, and so on.
  • Higher Studies: Some of the courses which can be sought after finishing the bachelor of performing craftsmanship are:
  • Master of Performing Arts (MPA): There is a lot of different classes in different fields that can be sought after in the wake of finishing the BPA course.
  • Occupations legitimately identified with a performing arts degree incorporate, among numerous others: on-screen character, network arts laborer, dancer, music specialist, or theater chief.
  • Anyway, it doesn't stop there, and graduates don't generally fall into the significant occupations. Different vocations include: communicate moderators, instructing – regardless of whether further training or school – scriptwriting and theater organize the board.
  • Most experts in the business work inside the setting of the present moment or independent agreements moving between various employments and various fields. Because of how the business works, many open doors originate from verbal exchange instead of occupation promotions. Occupations can be found through systems administration, going to tryouts, working together with different artisans or in any event, putting on your shows.
  • Pay rates rely to a great extent upon the kind of job and the size of creation and are hugely hard to ascertain. A performance center entertainer's compensation, for example, relies to a great extent upon the size of the theater.
  • In the wake of moving on from this course, understudies have openings in work profiles like Actor, Drama, Therapist, Theater Director, and so on. A portion of the top spotters is National Center for Performing Arts, Dancwork, and so on.