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Bachelor of Science (Hons.-Agriculture)

  • Duration

    8 Semester (4 Years)

  • Course Fee

    60,000 (Annum)

  • Exam Fee

    4,000 (Annum)

  • NSQF

    5 To 7+

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Electives: Horticulture/ Agronomy/ Crop Protection

* The title of the programme is approved u/s 22 of University Grants Commission (UGC) Act 1956

When it comes to Agriculture our country is referred to as agrarian society. Agriculture has always been regarded as the backbone of our economy. The agriculture sector has highlighted its importance by contributing towards the overall growth of the whole nation. About 70% of our population still relies on agriculture for employment and livelihood. Agriculture also accounts for 8.56 % of India’s exports. Presently, about 43% of India's total geographical area is used for agricultural activity. Bachelor of Science (Hons.-Agriculture) is a 4 Years Programme, which involves the study of agriculture sciences and use of modern scientific equipment and techniques in agriculture, land surveying, soil science, water resource management, animal, and poultry management, basics of biotechnology etc. The objective of the course is to use these concepts to train students to improve agricultural productivity. The Programme is duly published by the University Grants Commission u/s 22 of UGC Act, 1956.

Agricultural science degree programs give students a broad background in agriculture that includes agricultural technology, management principles, and research methods. Other science-related topics include the biological principles of farming and ecosystem protection. Business-related topics like agribusiness management and marketing may also be covered.

The Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) programme is duly approved by u/s 8(C) of Arunachal University of Studies Act 2012 (No. 9 of 2012).

Agriculture Sciences is inherently about comprehending, implementing and building upon the body of knowledge that regards scientific theories, arts, practices, management and technology towards farmer’s growth, food security, livelihood and economy as essential. Starting point for any prospective Agricultural Scientist only becomes possible under this Bachelor Degree Programme. The coursework includes technologies of soil cultivation and harvesting, animal production, as well as plant and animal products processing respectively for human consumption and use. Theoretical and practical understanding notwithstanding, hands-on industrial and field training programs, and RAWE – Rural Agriculture and Work Experience also formulate integral aspects of B.Sc. Horticulture program at Arunachal University of Studies.

Eligibility for 1st Year         : 10+2 (Science/Agriculture) or eq.

Eligibility for 2nd Year ©    : Diploma (Agriculture)/ B.Sc. (ZBC or Allied Stream) or eq.

The applying candidate needs to have passed 10+2 exam, or any equivalent examination relative to the CBSE Board curriculum. Senior Secondary examination of a recognized Indian Board/University after a period of 12 years, and relevant subjects across Physics, Chemistry, as well as any one of the subjects from Biology/Home Science/ Mathematics/ Agriculture must be required among the candidates for achieving Diploma Distinction. The university and colleges possess compliance syllabus in accordance to ICAR guidelines.

B.Sc. (Agriculture) Programme lead to several entry-level career opportunities in the fields of scientific research and agribusiness. Some common examples of positions in the field include:

  • Farm or Ranch Manager
  • Food Scientist
  • Food Marketing Expert
  • Agricultural Analyst
  • Community Planning Consultant
  • Conservationist
  • Agricultural Technology Trainer
  • Field Representative
  • Agribusiness Sales Manager
  • Agriculture Journalist

The benefits of this undergraduate degree program in Agricultural Science provides fundamental education opportunities across higher degrees of agricultural sciences & field practices qualifications respectively. It also provides significant opportunities within the State department of Agriculture, including Assistant Technical Manager (ATM), Agriculture Field Officer (AFO) and Horticulture Officer (HO). Other organizations accepting of B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences include National Seed Corporation (NSC), Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC), Indian Farmers and Fertilizers Cooperatives (IFFCO), Organized Public Sector Schedule Bank (PSSB), Private Companies, Agriculture Education Institutions, UPSC-IFC SERVICES and SSC services.

Well apart from being ranked amongst the Best College/University for B.Sc and M.Sc in Agriculture not only in Arunachal Pradesh, but also in other Northeast states of India like Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Sikkim, Manipur, Nagaland, and Mizoram; it provides you world-class knowledge.