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Admission Helpline : +91-8731944477, 8131848860.


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Bachelor of Science (Nursing Basic)

  • Duration

    4 Years

  • Course Fee

    80,000 (Per Annum)

  • Exam Fee


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Nursing is a pious profession devoted to the care of humanity, it is a profession with ethical components and a sympathetic as well as empathetic approach. Faculty of Nursing Sciences (Bachelor of Science) is a graduate programme that prepares nursing scholars for a career in the Healthcare Industry. AUS faculty of Nursing provide Graduate nurses with sound knowledge, ethical and value-based learning. It also fosters the spirit of national development by providing professional knowledge and practice from the grassroots level. With AUS degree, graduates inculcate qualities, a solid foundation in research, function optimally in the hospitals, hands-on community services, and in the field of education.

We at AUS faculty of Nursing, understand the core values of caring with sensitivity amongst the youth towards the community and environment. The graduate programme in nursing focus on the development of critical thinking and judgment, understanding of health care delivery systems and economics, interdisciplinary care, public health, and channels of communications in a variety of health care settings. We target to produce thought-provoking Nurse leaders of our Nation.

The faculty at AUS faculty of Nursing are dedicated renowned educators and researchers, with a calling to inspire change in health care through innovation and perfection in nursing education, practice, and service.


After completing this programme, graduates Nurses are able to

  • Perform nursing care with high competency, sensitivity, having a sense of cultural awareness and social changes.
  • Care patient with proper nursing diagnosis by understanding scientific rationales.
  • Identify patient properly, able to make clinical judgments and organise patient care using reflection, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Perform health education based on health promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention for individuals, groups, and population of the society.
  • Serve the society by contributing their work as an integral part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team.

What are the roles and responsibility of a nurse?

- To be the functioning head of nursing service under the supervision of the doctor and be responsible for all patient activities concerning the concerned nursing services.
- To be able to professionally care for the patients’ physical, mental and emotional needs and to coordinate with family members to support patients’ speedy recovery.
- To be able to assess a patient’s on-going medical condition through observation, physical exams, health history and interpersonal communication.
- To integrate thorough knowledge and professionalism in offering a safe and quality care to patients and incorporate new trends in the nursing department.
- To be alert all the time during duty hours to monitor, administrate and medicate patients during the time of emergency.
- To be able to keep patients as the first priority and maintain the dignity of the patient throughout the course of treatment.
- To be able to handle stress and possess the ability of decision making concerning patient’s care.
- To be responsible for ensuring appropriate action and recommendation while assessing the patient’s problem

What are the scopes in nursing?

Clinical Nurse in Government & Private hospitals.

Community Nurse

Government & Private Nursing Institutions

Military Nursing

Industrial Nursing

Abroad recruitment

Private agencies, NGO

Home nursing services

80,000 (Per Annum)

A candidate wanting to pursue B.Sc. Nursing should have a 10+2 (PCB & Eng.) certificate with a minimum age of 17years on December 31st of years at the time of admission and should be medically fit.

  • After graduation one can pursue Masters in Nursing or explore Masters in Administration courses in Hospital Management/Administration. By doing this graduate open their doors to gain a deeper understanding of the field and experience.
  • Opting to do masters in public health and social work is also a good option. This allows the graduates to explore the governing bodies of healthcare provider like NGO, UNO, or WHO.
  • If academics is something that you do not wish to pursue, then one can find employment in government jobs, corporate hospitals and state government offices.
  • Other options to explore would be entrepreneurship to start a company of your own to offer medical delivery.
  • Graduates can join armed forces under military nursing services by becoming a nursing officer.
  • Usual employees for the graduates in nursing are im GP practices, hospitals, NHS Trusts, Residential homes, Agencies, prisons, school and health care.