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Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)

  • Duration

    6 Semesters (3 Years)

  • Course Fee


  • Exam Fee


  • NSQF

    5 To 7

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*The title of the programme is approved u/s 22 of University Grants Commission (UGC) Act 1956.

Bachelor of Social Work, it is a practice-based 3-years degree which aims to impart righteous knowledge and training as a part of it. For ones who wish to be professional social workers and are desirous of making a career in the field of Social work, the coursework is the right choice. It brings in a commitment and a dedication towards the poor and the unprivileged society sections.

Change is inevitable but with it comes in new concerns and human problems. Globalisation, liberalisation, market economy, are all the reasons for same. It needs addressal and the B.S.W. programme, it’s the right help for ones employed at, NGOs, Development agencies (Private and Government), middle and lower levels.

The objectives are immense, connected with the course content of Bachelor of Social work. It helps workers gain the ability to work along with people, solve problems with their field experience, brings in commitment, a strive for social harmony, peace and social justice, etc. It further helps build confidence amongst trainees to see themselves as the face of social change and transformation while they involve themselves for the cause of the poor.

Social work as a profession is a move to promote development while bringing around necessitated changes. So, to be suitable as a part of this coursework, one needs to be a good listener, a retainer of heard information and a questioner of words beyond their understanding, to maintain the grip over counselling. One also needs to keep mark over their performance, evaluating and working towards improving it. Either way, for ones who wish to connect people, should hold the right skill of communication and only then it will be possible for them to become a successful professional social worker.


10+2 (Any Stream) or eq.

  1. Bachelor of Social Work, it provides the right qualifications for employment at many Human service providing agencies.
  2. A graduate of B.S.W. can pursue a Master’s degree in social work.
  3. As counsellors, healthcare, protection, environmental, community policing, adoption, etc, are always open for Professional Social workers.
  4. Old age homes, prisons, disaster management units, counselling centres, Industries HR department, Human Rights agencies, correction homes, etc are some of the common career choices in varied sectors for the graduates of Bachelor of Social work.
  5. Job openings for a B.S.W. graduate are also there in several organisations. Clinics, Education sector, mental health care units, public and private hospitals, Natura Resource Management companies, health industry, etc. offer varied job profiles within their department.
  6. Counsellors, Social worker, Social Security Officer, Criminology specialists, Executive officer, etc, also comes within the choices made by B.S.W. graduates for their career perspective.
For the ones looking to be a part of the change and to create change, Bachelor in Social work is one right choice to take a step ahead and work for the betterment of society. The course teaches students enrolled much beyond than what they are aware of and prepares them as a help towards the social units at large.