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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

  • Duration

    8 Semester (4 years)

  • Course Fee


  • Exam Fee


  • NSQF

    5 To 7+

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* The title of the programme is approved u/s 22 of University Grants Commission (UGC) Act 1956.

Music and Fine Arts is the soul of Arunachal Pradesh. The traditional culture of the State is very rich in this area. The curriculum is designed in a manner to open avenues and to assimilate knowledge about the latest trends in various disciplines taught. Our main aim remains to train professionals with a sense of fulfillment and a feeling for contribution to the betterment of society and their own selves.The teaching faculty consists of professionals of National and International repute both in Faculty of Music and Fine Arts. In addition to teaching faculty, there are trained personnel to handle the allied workshops, such as that of graphics, po??ery, photography, and computers etc.

In the bachelor’s degree program in Fine Arts, students get to learn various aspects of visual and performing arts. Students are taught different subjects like painting, sculpting, photography, animation, literature, and so on in the visual arts department. Under the section of performing arts, subjects like dance, music, and theatre are involved. A student can choose her area of specialization as per her interest and take up the subjects he wants to pursue a career in.

A student not only gets educated on some subjects in the bachelor’s degree program for Fine Arts, but his skills also get brushed efficiently. The course helps a student become an artist and take his skills to the next level. He can choose some of the brightest careers for himself that include writer, musician, singer, actor, art director, and the list continues. There is no bound to the area a student with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts can explore and thus the course is extremely worthy.

If a student wants to pursue a career as an artist then he has to complete his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree. He should complete his 10 + 2 with qualifying marks and that can be in any stream of Science, Commerce, or Arts. The student can also be a qualifier of an equivalent course to 10 + 2 for pursuing a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree. Apart from the above-mentioned criteria, a student should also possess any additional skill of drawing, singing, designing, acting, or any other.

The duration of a course for Bachelor’s in Fine Arts is 4 years which is divided into 8 semesters. Students can take up their chosen area of specialization and also select the subjects that they want to major in later.


10+2 (Any Stream) or eq.

Fine Arts is an area that requires a creative mind and if a student can complete the course successfully then he gets an ocean of opportunities. Below are some of the best career options that await a student with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree:

  • A student can opt for the career of an art teacher who can teach painting and sculpting in various institutions
  • The job of a multimedia artist is always a lucrative option for a student with a degree in Fine Arts
  • Students specializing in graphic designing and multimedia can take up the career of an art director
  • One can also become a successful writer who shall creative write-ups for newspapers, PR agencies, publication houses, advertising agencies, etc.
  • The profession of an actor is another great option for a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree holder
  • Students can take up the job of an animator and create pictures and visuals for games, movies, books, magazines, advertisements, and many others
  • The job of a graphic designer is also gaining a lot of popularity in recent years

Art and artists have always commanded the creative world and shall continue doing so in the coming years. Thus a student enrolling in a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts course should complete the course successfully for pursuing his dream career.