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Diploma (Agriculture)

Course Fee
Exam Fee
6 Semester (3 Years)
Rs. 35,000-/ (Per Year)
Rs. 4,000-/ (Per Year)
NSQF Level 3 To NHEQF Level 4.5

Diploma (Agriculture) is a three-year professional certificate course that can be taken after class 10th. The candidates completing the programme are eligible for Credit Transfer into 3rd semester of B.Sc. (Agriculture) and B.Sc. (Agriculture-Horticulture) programme.

Arunachal University of Studies is one of the very few universities in the country offering Diploma in Agriculture programme for Northeast students. This course is purely dedicated to agriculture studies through all the scientific methods.

More than half of the Indian population is dependent on agriculture which has evolved tremendously over a long span of time increasing the requirement of more and more employment. This is the perfect time to incorporate adequate technologies and knowledge for the betterment of the people, farmer, and the whole country that is dependent upon agriculture.

Diploma (Agriculture) course focuses on a modern take on agriculture studies. AUS includes state of an art study methodology to study agricultural machinery, sheets, chemicals, etc. for the improved understanding of the industry. The course also deals with agriculture and areas such as horticulture, poultry farming, and metrology, etc.

By taking this course one opens the door to access private as well as government jobs. This qualification is enough to secure entry-level jobs at both the sectors mentioned.

AUS runs the course in Diploma in Agriculture for six semester that stretches for three years. The course thoroughly prepares students to be skilled graduates by learning and practicing the techniques and aspects of

  • Agribusiness management,
  • Agricultural management,
  • Natural resources,
  • Livestock production,
  • Soil conditions, plant protections, and
  • Handling of agricultural machinery like cropping machineries-harvesters, drillers, broadcasters and other related farm machineries applicable for efficient and productive use

The entire aim is to obtain beneficence that shall satisfy needs for both the present and future.

The use of technology has been evolved with time and some agricultural practices have been developed regard of benchmarking, which has shown a lot of potential to undergo integration and evolution. What makes Arunachal University of Studies, the best agricultural college in India is the involvement of agricultural training on ancient and the latest technologies respectively. The agricultural productivity is boosted by the concept of fertilizers, pesticides, agriculture machinery and biology concepts.

Diploma in Agriculture course also covers topics as follows

  • Agricultural Chemistry
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Agricultural Entomology
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Plant Pathology
  • Agricultural Meteorology
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Devising a Budget
  • Marketing plans and Sales strategy.

Note that there are other areas as well that shall be taught periodically over the course of time, ensuring you get the maximum experience of the field as well as poultry farming, horticulture and meteorology

Agriculture College in Assam, Assam Agriculture College

Secondary/ 10th or eq.
Lateral Entry to 2nd Year
Sr. Secondary (Science)/ 10+2 (Science) or eq.
OECC after 1st Year
Training Certificate (Agriculture)
OECC after 2nd Year
Professional Training Certificate (Agriculture)

Financial Assistance :-
Candidates may apply for Fee reimbursement under various Central or State Govt. schemes subject to eligibility conditions and compliance of prescribed terms and conditions of the relevant granting agency.

Career Path :-

More than 60% of Indian population is dependent upon Agriculture. Diploma (agriculture) programme offers several career paths for the students. Your career trajectory will depend on your interests, skills, and long-term goals. Here are some potential career paths you can consider:

Agricultural Technician/Assistant: You could work as a technician or assistant on a farm, agricultural research station, or agricultural supply company. Your responsibilities might include assisting with crop and livestock management, soil testing, data collection, and equipment maintenance.

Farm Manager: With experience and additional training, you could become a farm manager. This role involves overseeing day-to-day operations on a farm, making decisions about planting, harvesting, and managing resources, and supervising farm workers.

Crop Consultant: Crop consultants provide advice to farmers on optimizing crop production, pest management, and soil health. You could work for agricultural consulting firms, government agencies, or as an independent consultant.

Livestock Manager: If you're interested in animal agriculture, you could become a livestock manager. This involves overseeing the care and management of animals on a farm, ensuring their health and well-being, and making decisions about breeding and nutrition.

Agricultural Sales Representative: Work for companies that produce agricultural equipment, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other agricultural products. Your role would involve promoting and selling these products to farmers.

Agricultural Extension Officer: Extension officers work for government agencies, NGOs, or educational institutions to provide farmers with information and training on modern agricultural practices, technology adoption, and sustainable farming methods.

Agribusiness Manager: Agribusiness involves various sectors related to agriculture, including marketing, distribution, processing, and retail. You could work in areas such as food processing, agri-marketing, supply chain management, and more.

Research Technician: Work in agricultural research centers, universities, or private companies as a research technician. Assist in conducting experiments, collecting data, and analyzing results to improve agricultural practices and develop new technologies.

Rural Development Officer: If you're interested in community development, you could work with rural communities to improve their agricultural practices, infrastructure, and overall quality of life.

Entrepreneur: You could start your own agricultural business, such as a small-scale farm, organic produce operation, or value-added product business. This path requires a strong understanding of both agriculture and business management.

Agri-Tourism or Education: Combine your love for agriculture with education by starting an agri-tourism venture, where visitors can learn about farming practices while enjoying recreational activities on your farm.

Environmental Conservationist: Focus on sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices to help protect the environment and natural resources while ensuring food security.

Higher Education: Continuous learning and professional development are important to advance in any career. You might also consider pursuing higher education ie. lateral entry into 2nd year of B.Sc. (Hons. - Agriculture) or related fields to open up more opportunities for advancement and specialization.

Well apart from being ranked amongst the Best Agriculture College not only in Arunachal Pradesh, but also in other Northeast states of India like Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Sikkim, Manipur, Nagaland, and Mizoram; it provides you world-class knowledge.

Assam Agriculture College

Agriculture College in Assam