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Master of Arts (Political Science)

Course Fee
Exam Fee
4 Semester (2 Years)
Rs. 40,000-/ (Per Year)
Rs. 4,000-/ (Per Year)
6 To 6.5

*The title of the programme is approved u/s 22 of University Grants Commission (UGC) Act 1956.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University offers a wide range of comprehensive academic programmes with a large selection of Humanities and Social Science subjects. The innovative yet rigorous curriculum is structured to allow students to obtain in-depth training of a major, yet at the same time gain valuable exposure to cross-disciplinary training in and outside the University. The post graduate curriculum allows students to engage in meaningful and original research, often with extensive fieldwork.

After the completion of an introductory line in the Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), one gets well aware with the basics associated with this field. They learn the introductory outline of the State and also the government nature and how to create a better governmental system. What further they learn is the structure the political institutions in the best way together with effective implementation of structure and evaluation of the same.

Either way, the complete of the basics in the political theories, concepts and ideologies, get a real shape. With the completion of such basics, the students get prepared for the further study in the field of the Political Science where they further get to know what’s appropriate for this field, i.e., the concepts and analytical tools. If one wishes to learn further, well, they also have a choice to move ahead, take a step and go for the other courses under the Department like Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) in Political Science.

To be eligible for the course of Master of Arts (Political Science) and to pursue coursework in same, they need to do their graduation from any relevant stream or the allied subject or even the equivalent for same. The duration of this course is 2 years and there is 4 semesters programme for the students here.

Graduation (Any Stream with relevant or Allied Subject) or eq.

Career Path :-

Once the students or rather the professionals complete their degree in the course of Political science, they are eligible to do the following in their field:

  1. One can pursue their higher studies or go for varied researches along or work in a research institute.
  2. Competitive examination is always a choice.
  3. A graduate can also go for teaching in the colleges and the universities.
  4. The political analyst is also a top priority choice just like the joining of Non-Governmental organisation or working with Government agencies is.
  5. One can be a political consultant or an advisor or work with the Human Rights Organisation or join the same and its agencies.
  6. One another important job option is joining the electronic/print media or working as a Corporate Social Policy Issues Analyst or for the Rural and Urban Development Agencies, etc.

Either way, Master of Arts (Political Science) opens a door for immense, just like other courses. It depends upon the graduates, what they want to pursue.