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Master of Arts (Sociology)

Course Fee
Exam Fee
4 Semester (2 Years)
Rs. 40,000-/ (Per Year)
Rs. 4,000-/ (Per Year)
6 To 6.5

*The title of the programme is approved u/s 22 of University Grants Commission (UGC) Act 1956.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University offers a wide range of comprehensive academic programmes with a large selection of Humanities and Social Science subjects. The innovative yet rigorous curriculum is structured to allow students to obtain in-depth training of a major, yet at the same time gain valuable exposure to cross-disciplinary training in and outside the University. The post graduate curriculum allows students to engage in meaningful and original research, often with extensive fieldwork.

Sociology, a term which is vast enough to cover the understanding of varied social aspects. Be it the interaction or the organisation or institutions or a social change, the use of sociology is needed everywhere. There are themes of such sociological thinking and course, which acts like an interplay in between the society and individual. It showcases how society tries to change or stays stable or the causes and consequences of social inequality or even human life social construction. So, much is there to learn and to discover within this one term and considering it all, the course framework of Sociology is designed.

The Sociology department offers its students both the Bachelors and the Masters in the Arts of Sociology. At the level of Graduation or the Bachelors of Arts (Sociology), one gets to discover and get an explanation over the social patterns and how they change over time. They also get to know the different settings in which such changes occur. The course makes them develop critical thinking while it theoretically and practically tries to reveal the social structure and the processes which are the real shapers and changers of the human form of life.

The course, either way, is well designed for catapulting the students into the advanced learning category, the Masters of Arts (Sociology) which further endeavours them. The basics of graduation where the students are well-introduced with the classical theories and sociology of India, help them continue along with their discussion on the master’s level.

The university understands the importance of the study about every aspect which changes around us and has designed the course to ensure the right sociological research receives importance both at Bachelor’s as well as the Master’s level.

Masters of Arts (Sociology) is a 2 years course with 4 semesters framework and to be eligible for same, the student must complete their graduation in the relevant field.

Graduation (Any Stream with relevant or Allied Subject) or eq.

Career Path :-

There are varied choices available for the students considering their skills, interests, and also their values which comes alongside their major sociology.

  1. One can act as a Guidance Counsellor and help the students in the academic world by supporting them to make the right academic and career choice. One can be a real problem solver for the students, choosing this field and can also resolve issues within the school.
  2. Being a Human Resources (HR) Representative, one can help organisations analyze work roles using analytical and decision-making skills and also help them assess the suitability of candidates for jobs. They can also act as a problem-solvers in the case of conflicts.
  3. Being lawyer is the 3rd choice available for the graduates of Master of Arts (Sociology). One can use their critical thinking and analytical skills for researching and litigating the cases. There are varied areas covered under this field including child custody, divorce, etc. A graduate does have a lot to see here.
  4. Management Consultant for business issues, acting as a research analyst or assistant or even junior consultant, etc. are all a choice for the graduates to use their qualitative and quantitative research skills to give solutions.
  5. One can be a Market Research Analyst too and help test products and services and also evaluate the marketing campaigns effectiveness. They can also help businesses understand the consumers and their demands.
  6. As a media planner one can serve along with the needs and requirements of clients connected to a media plan for enhancing sales. The job position is useful to study the group's characteristics for selecting the best possible media for product advertisement.
  7. Further, one can also work as a Policy Analyst and research over issues which affect the public.
  8. Acting as a Public Relations (PR) Specialist is also the best choice for the graduates of Sociology. They help well acting the communicators which helps them understand the attitude, preference and need of the audience.
  9. Social worker, well, this too fall under the job choice within the course. One can use their social dynamic and institution knowledge for resolving problems related to community acting as a referral.
  10. As a graduate of Master of Arts (Sociology) one can be Survey Researcher/Pollster too and measure the attitudes and opinions which connect to the social and political issues, health, culture, etc.

Bringing together so much of learning and art, the Master of Arts (Sociology) is a change-maker. For ones who wish to pursue, well, do not look back as the career has a lot to offer within.