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Master of Commerce (M.COM)

Course Fee
Exam Fee
4 Semester (2 Years)
Rs. 35,000-/ (Per Year)
Rs. 4,000-/ (Per Year)
6 To 6.5

* The title of the programme is approved u/s 22 of (University Grants Commission (UGC) Act 1956.

If a candidate is looking to have a career in finance, banking sector and other sectors prevailing commerce and business then opting to study Master of Commerce is a perfect choice. Arunachal University of Studies offers 2 years M.Com programme that encourages students to develop an intense appreciation concerning taxes, trade, economy, revenue etc. The curriculum of M.Com is structured in a way to offer students smooth conduct of academic sessions keeping the industrial requirements in mind. AUS offers a state-of-an-art infrastructure for enrolling students to gain classroom cum practical exposure and learn all there is to study about the challenges in the field of commerce with grace and confidence.

Talking about the commerce sector the demand for business experts has increased over the past decades. It is not just about clerical or administrative work. Currently, it is all about labour management, auditing, accounting management and other important streams. There is no dead-end when it comes to choosing a career in commerce. Arunachal University of Studies believes in transforming the entire academic environment by offering a brilliant learning experience.

The reason students choose this stream is because of the popularity in India. A post-graduation in commerce can land one in a secured job immediately. The stream is highly successful and offers complete financial security. A student wanting to pursue a course in Master of Commerce needs to be good at accounting has accountancy is a virtual part of this course. The reason is because of all principle applies in business enterprise practically or theoretically commerce in the form of accountancy. Every student should keep in mind that not all subjects offered might seek your attention. However, by studying them one can understand the overall grammar of the commerce stream and gain enough aptitude to have an avid interest to seek employment.

In the present scenario, the social influence in India has influences coming from commerce activity. There is no way that commerce doesn’t affect a person actively or passively. From consumer needs to product manufacturing, everything is about commerce.

The M.Com programme of Arunachal University of Studies significantly emphasizes on Research. The program is career-oriented in its design, course structure and teaching-learning process, as compared to traditional M.Com. The programme includes value-adding modules on teaching methodology and student behaviour, in addition to descriptive research-oriented study modules on various subjects of Commerce & Management, with options for specialization. The curriculum is developed duly considering the desired level of knowledge exposure in the context of the ever-changing environment in global business.

Arunachal University of Studies, which concerns the Department of Commerce, started this course with the mission of providing quality education. They had a mission of enriching the students at a higher level in the field of Commerce. So, M.Com. is one great choice offered by AUS, for all those who wish to further their experience and learning in their field concerned.

The main aim of this course is to help the students build a successful career in the business world while they have a clear understanding over the concepts, systems and theories which connects business with the modern society. It builds their hand-on skills by providing the practical knowledge needed for the students being a part of such exciting and a fast-moving professional field.

Advantageous, a is the right term for the students who are part of M.Com, gaining industry’s solid understanding while they pursue to have a hand over the work experience in the field of Finance. It is like an engagement of the students with the field, utilizing the knowledge their gain over years of studies.

M Com College in assam

Graduation or equivalent

Financial Assistance :-

Fee reimbursement upto ₹ 35,000/- for APST candidates having family income less than ₹ 2,50,000/- (Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand) per annum under schemes offered by Central Govt./ State Govt.  subject to compliance of prescribed terms and conditions.

APST candidates having family income less than ₹ 2,50,000/- (Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand) per annum may also check for World Education Mission Scholarship Guarantee Scheme for this programme.

Career Path :-

1. For the one completing Masters in the field of commerce can further their studies in Doctoral Program, Master of Philosophy, Company Secretaries, Income Tax, Certificate Course in Banking, Stock Market, Derivatives, Auditing, Banking and Finance and Chartered Financial Analyst, etc.

2.One can also evolve to be a part of the Dynamic Finance and Commerce concepts in the Curriculum.
3. In the field of Financial Analysis & Management, Accounting and Auditing, Taxation, M.Com. caters huge manpower needs.
4. Students who complete their masters can get themselves enrolled for professional studies like life and non-life insurance, professions in banks, professions in capital and commodity markets, and the field of Accountancy like Chartered Accountancy, Costs Management accountancy, etc.

Education, knowledge has no ends and for those who wish to learn, there is always something open. Masters of Commerce is one such door which opens after completing the Bachelor’s and is a great means to move ahead by providing the best of future perspectives. All those students who are loyal to studies and want to learn guess there lie much more ahead. M Com College in assam

Here is the top employee position after the completion of M.Com:

  • Sales officer
  • Auditor
  • Cashier budget analyst
  • Relationship manager
  • Sale officer
  • Company law accountant
  • Junior accountant
  • Private bank manager
  • Chartered financial analyst
  • Company executives

M Com College in Assam

M Com College in Arunachal Pradesh