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Master of Science (Mathematics)

Course Fee
Exam Fee
4 Semester (2 Years)
Rs. 50,000-/ (Per Year)
Rs. 4,000-/ (Per Year)
6 To 6.5

*The title of the programme is approved u/s 22 of University Grants Commission (UGC) Act 1956.

Science can be defined as a systematic study and investigation of natural phenomena and occurrences by way of observation, theoretical explanation as well as experimentation. A scientific study of any phenomena involves careful observation, formulation of hypotheses, conducting experiments to test and prove the hypotheses and henceforth drawing conclusions that confirm or deny the hypothetical assumption. Such scientific studies help in the formulation of universal laws that help humans to know more about the world we live in and how various natural processes and phenomena occur.

Science is a vast field and concerns almost everything that our eyes can see or cannot see. Everything in the universe can be studied under the field of science.

There was an incredible response received from the youth of the State of Arunachal Pradesh when the University conducted the first INSPIRE Programme for the candidates aspiring to pursue their career in the field of Science. At present the University is offering Bachelor of Science and Master of Science under the Faculty of Science. The science students have the advantage of gaining employment in Pharma sector, which is a high growth sector.

The students pursuing their academics in Science can opt various career options available in fields such as Defense, Para-military, Nursing, Teaching, Information Technology, Engineering, Medical Science, Bio-Informatics, Pharmacy etc.

The Master’s Level of pursuing Mathematics as a choice of career-oriented goal has full support on the part of Arunachal University of Studies. The institution has, in fact, established a wider perspective of performing all necessary functions that are required for the completion that satisfies all UGC-level policy standards. These make up the essential perspectives required to address for manifesting and employing proper opportunities, which include areas of Fluid Mechanics, Linear Algebra, Numerical Methodologies, Abstract Algebra, as well as specific relations between Probability and Statistics. The innate focus of disseminating knowledge and instruction is for creating the strong base of knowledge upon the entirety of Mathematics required at every level of study, which have been made available.

Now, M.Sc. in Mathematics is only offered to those individual who have already been Graduates of the subject, and they shall undergo this entire course for a period of two years. During that period, all students shall experience a variety of education and teaching methods, which shall inimitably relate to their developments indicating an independence and autonomy for pursuing future knowledge. This has obviously a great degree of consequence of research, which at AUS has been defined ingrained within coursework as an essentiality alongside with actual seminar presentation. Students shall not only become experts about the actual constituents in this field of study, but shall operate just like any professional with such a qualification would.

The department that shall govern all the happenings of M.Sc. in Mathematics is also aware about the differences that exist between ‘pure’ and ‘applied’ mathematics. Under that specific case, students shall receive all the necessary opportunities manifested by the infrastructure and texts, which shall motivate their best desire or fit accordingly. In that specific way, the post-graduates could actually achieve and excel at a specific platform or opportunity that they would want to direct their activities toward.

Graduation with Mathmatics or Allied

Financial Assistance :-
Candidates may apply for Fee reimbursement under various Central or State Govt. schemes subject to eligibility conditions and compliance of prescribed terms and conditions of the relevant granting agency.

Career Path :-

Nowadays, mathematics at a higher level has become very necessary; in fact, it’s true that any professional field requires the ability to employ complex and challenging mathematical operations. The rise of computer and calculated systems generally offer mathematics to have application under technology, engineering, management, as well as the burgeoning scene of data science. As a statistical expert, the occupational opportunities increase to a far greater degree, and this also remains when the teaching and faculty opportunities are being held by any candidate. Furthermore, the educational opportunities relate to doctorate, as well as philosophical qualifications down the line as well, which indicates the wider possibilities.