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Happy Independence Day

Aug 15, 2021

On the occasion of the 75th Independence Day, the AUS campus witnessed the presence of Hon'ble Chairman Dr. Ashwani Lochan as the Chief-guest who participated in the flag hoisting ceremony done by Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. B. Mohan kumar.
On this day of pride, Dr. Lochan addressed the AUS fraternity the real definition of Freedom. He quoted - "The actual meaning of Freedom is to live and let others live freely without capsizing those who are less privileged. Our country attains freedom only when each and every Indian looks around the corners of India without any caste, religion, creed, gender, sexuality, socio-economical, or socio-political spectrum. When it comes to India, we all are Indians and there is nothing that can change this very fact.
After such a patriotic address, Dr Lochan congratulated the members of AUS for putting their efforts into preserving the indigenous languages especially the Nocte Community. He also expressed that his desire to promote the local languages as per the New Education Policy is his top priority for the state of Arunachal Pradesh. He also requested Vice-Chancellor Sir to establish the School of Linguistic Studies and that any funding related to this noble establishment shall be funded by World Education Mission.
Vice-Chancellor Prof B Mohan kumar enlightened us today about the role of our freedom fighters and why we as an Indian should always take pride in our Independence day celebration. As he hoisted the Tricolour up above from the soil of Namsai, he inspired everyone to remember that there is no dignity other than serving for the country and there is no country as beautiful as India.
To add charm to this auspicious day, Faculty members and students presented their talents through dance and singing performances. World Education Mission congratulates and appreciates the efforts taken by both the students and faculty members to make the event successful.

Jai Hind!