Admission Helpline : +91-8731944477, 8131848860, 9311688991, 9540742220.
Admission Helpline : +91-8731944477, 8131848860.

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AUS is dedicated to providing a holistic education, offering a wide range of extracurricular activities and programs to foster the overall development of its students. The university boasts a vibrant sports culture with facilities for both indoor and outdoor games, including cricket, football, basketball, badminton, and table tennis. Additionally, AUS has a well-developed cultural and arts program, hosting events and festivals throughout the year to showcase the talents and creativity of its students.

The faculty at AUS is highly qualified and experienced, with a strong emphasis on research and innovation. The university features a mix of full-time and visiting faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Faculty members are encouraged to conduct research and publish papers in leading journals, with the university providing support for these activities through grants and funding.

The admission process at AUS is merit-based, selecting candidates based on their academic performance and aptitude for their chosen programs. The university also offers scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students based on merit and financial need. The fees for various courses at AUS are affordable, with flexible payment options and instalment plans available to make education accessible to all.

AUS has a robust alumni network, with graduates holding key positions in various industries and organizations. The university has a dedicated placement cell that provides career development assistance and job placement guidance. The placement cell also organizes campus recruitment drives and job fairs, allowing students to interact with recruiters from leading companies and organizations.

Arunachal University of Studies is a premier institution of higher education in Northeast India, focusing on promoting knowledge and culture, practical and experiential learning, and holistic education. The university offers a nurturing and supportive environment for students to grow and excel in their chosen fields, preparing them for successful careers and fulfilling lives. With its commitment to excellence and innovation, AUS serves as a model for other institutions of higher education in the region and beyond.


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