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Admission Helpline : +91-8731944477, 8131848860.
Advance Diploma (Hotel Management,Catering Technology & Tourism)


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Advance Diploma (Hotel Management,Catering Technology & Tourism)


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Arunachal University of Studies has been a centre for excellence committed to providing a holistic hospitality education. The ever-growing demands of skill force in hotel industry has necessitated full-fledged programme to train hospital enthusiast to cater the rising requirement of field. The Advanced Diploma (Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Tourism) is a 20-module diploma course encompassing practical and theoretical academic knowledge to enhance various skills.

At Arunachal University of Studies, every faculty member are aware of the key importance of hospitality and travel industry. In the increasing industrialization of the curriculum designed by AUS is to prepare every student to gain ample knowledge for gaining a sustainable mode of livelihood.

The Registration fee for the course of Advance Diploma (Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Tourism) is Rs 9000/-.

The eligibility criteria to pursue the Advance Diploma (Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Tourism) programme is 12th or equivalent passing certificate.

There are varied choices available for the students considering their skills, interests, and their values, which come alongside their primary hotel management and catering technology.

1. Manager or Representative - as applicants of the Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology program, one can be prepared in growing skilled graduates with a powerful institution in different disciplines of Hotel Management.

2. Education - one becomes an Education supervisor who helps other students to make their career by choice and encourages them to have faith in them so that they can do things that might help them to maintain the stability of the curriculum.

3. Canteen - one can become the sales representative or chef in a cafeteria or eventually can own one. Pursuing this course as a career may help in having confidence in establishing their own food enterprise.

4. Hotel Manager - as that title implies, as a hotel manager, one would hold several duties. Graduates would probably practice a lot less time among customers also a lot more extra time connecting with the beginnings of several areas; you'll want excellent guidance skills and the ability to delegate, and problem solves on the fly.

5. Event and Meeting/Convention Planner - the task is to register the critical activities, to figure out a budget, make sure there are sufficient crew and supplies, and so on. One could also do the work in a hotel, although additionally the role suits for any convocation centre, an event plan firm, or even an educational institution.

6. Service Manager - this is not just reserved for hotels as there are so numerous different types of facilities, including endless possibilities; graduates might work as an accommodation manager within an inn, a clinic, a superannuation town, or a schoolhouse. In this particular setup, one would propose the availability of accommodation for students, sufferers, or delegates.

7. Catering Supervisors - as a supervisor one takes care of the catering services offered to the clients and accordingly work for making the system more likely to be suitable for others. Catering Supervisors must have the ability to handle the worst conditions of their company

8. Front Counter Clerk in the office - the employee has been accountable for greeting clients and holding them in and out. He or she is frequently the front face that customers see.