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Admission Helpline : +91-8731944477, 8131848860.
Diploma (Medical Radiology Imaging Technology)


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Diploma (Medical Radiology Imaging Technology)


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Diploma (Medical Radiology Imaging Technology) is a programme at Arunachal University of Studies purely dedicated to offering the student the highest and the best education. The diploma programme ensures that the medical technician course offers every student a prosperous career in the ever-evolving and ever-emerging medical professional.

The curriculum is designed in a way to address diagnostic methodology for multiple diseases, learning directly from several of the advanced machinery available in the campus at Arunachal University of Studies The main objective of Diploma (Medical Radiology Imaging Technology) is to thoroughly focus on fundamental research in Radiology Imaging Technology and to deliver effective knowledge and contribute in scientific research in the realm of Radiology and Imaging Technology.

By taking this course, a graduate can equip themselves with all the intricate knowledge and fundamental understanding of multiple subjects of illness and diseases. Every student will become an expert in diagnosing medical problems by being educated in an industrial-based curriculum.

Being the top Faculty of Medical Sciences in the Northeast, the pedagogy is designed in a way to keep up to the modern medical buzz by comprehending theoretical and practical aspects of the programme with a hands-on approach that goes beyond any classroom experience.

The eligibility criteria for Diploma (Medical Radiology Imaging Technology) is 12+ (PCB) and equivalent.

After taking the Diploma (Medical Radiology Imaging Technology), programme students have the capability to seek jobs in health care institutes, diagnostic laboratories, and research centers. Not just this, there are several opportunities for an aspiring student in the field of Radiology Imaging to have an outstanding career and a prosperous life. As per the skills and knowledge attained, a student can opt to choose the following areas for employment:

  • ·        Hospital imaging laboratories
  • ·        Forensic Laboratories
  • ·        University Research Lab
  • ·        Primary Care Clinic
  • ·        Radiology Centre